Photography by Derrick Mong

Here are four categories of photograph that I generally shoot. Landscapes & seascapes, low light & long exposures, portraiture, and other things like animals, insects and macro photography. Click the buttons to launch the slideshow for the photography you would like to see.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my photography or would like to schedule a portrait, please contact me.


Here is a collection of lanscapes, seascapes, cityscapes and even some architecture that I enjoy photographing.

Low Light

When the light gets dim, I start to shine! These are a collection of low light, sunset and long exposure photography I have taken.


From large groups of people to babies and weddings, this is a group of photographs that highlight my portraite photography.


I often take pictures of textures, animals, bugs, flowers and other things that might not fit in a specific categorie. This is the place for them!